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Planning Board
The Hoke County Planning Board shall consist of a total of seven members. All members shall be residents of the area under the zoning jurisdiction of Hoke County. Members shall serve for overlapping terms of two or three years.

Name Term Expiration
Harold Brock April 2016
Julian S. Johnson III September 2019
Byron Jones April 2016
Russell Locklear
April 2016
William Purdie September 2019
Jesse Timmons September 2019
Thomas Wright December 2019

Meeting Dates
The Planning Board meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Commissioners Meeting Room of the Pratt Building located at 227 N. Main Street, Raeford. If there have not been any requests for public hearing the board does not typically meet so it is recommended that you contact the Planning Department to see if a meeting is being held that month.

About the Board
The duties of the Planning Board consist of the following:
  • Make studies of the county and surrounding areas
  • Determine objectives to be sought in the development of the study area
  • Prepare and adopt plans for achieving these objectives
  • Develop and recommend policies, ordinances, administrative procedures, and other means for carrying out plans in a coordinated and efficient manner
  • Advise the Board of Commissioners concerning the use and amendment of means for carrying out plans
  • Exercise any functions in the administration and enforcement of various means for carrying out plans that the Board of Commissioners may direct
  • Perform any other related duties that the Board of Commissioners may direct