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Facility Rental
Senior Room Rental

Rental Fee

  • To reserve the room: $150
  • Deposit $250 - to be paid before picking up the key to building 

Rental Deposit

If the room is left clean and all tables and chairs are put back in the same order they were and the key is returned no later than 9 a.m., we will submit for your refund. If not, $150 of the deposit will be deducted for staff to clean the area. The refund check will be mailed out usually in a couple of weeks after the event.

The deposit will be refunded if the following is adhered to:
  1. Bring cleaning supplies such as brooms, Pine-Sol, bleach, etc, dishwashing liquid, dish towels, and cloths
  2. Mops and mop bucket is located in the back of the building
  3. Kitchen counters, tables, and stovetop will be cleaned if used
  4. Floor will be swept and mopped, using you own cleaning supplies
  5. Set up the round tables as you found them - eight chairs placed on top each table
  6. Two long tables will be set up in front of the kitchen area
  7. All other tables and chairs will be placed in the racks

Senior Room Amenities

Room Capacity 

  • With tables and chairs - 210 people
  • Chairs only - 405 people
  • Standing room only - 568 people


  • There are 11 round tables (60 inches in diameter)

Microphone & Podium
  • Microphone is available for you use and it takes (2-AA) that will not be provided
  • Podium is available for use upon request at time key is picked up
  • Hoke County Senior Services Staff do not set up the ball room for any functions

Event Security Policy

For events that have 25 people or more, the county requires that you have security personnel present. The security personnel only have to be present during the actual hours of the event. Over 25 people will require 2 security personnel present. Please bring confirmation that this has been done. The key will not be issued unless this process has been completed.

For Rental Information
Please Contact:

Linda Revels

Ph: 910-875-8751