Ordinance Subdivision

For the purposes of this Ordinance "subdivision" shall mean all divisions of a tract or parcel of land into two or more lots, building sites, or other divisions when one or more of those divisions are created for the purpose of sale or building development (whether immediate or future) and shall include all divisions of land involving the dedication of a new street or a change in existing streets; but the following shall not be included within this definition nor be subject to the regulations of this Ordinance; provided, however, that any document or plat to be recorded pursuant to any such exclusion shall bear the notation "No approval required" and the signature of the Subdivision Administrator or his designated agent before being presented for certification by the Hoke County Review Officer:

  1. The combination or recombination of portions of previously subdivided and recorded lots where the total number of lots is not increased and the resultant lots are equal to or exceed the standards of this Ordinance;
  2. The division of land into parcels greater than ten (10) acres where no street right-of-way dedication is involved;
  3. The public acquisition by purchase of strips of land for the widening or opening of streets;
  4. The division of a tract in single ownership whose entire area is no greater than two acres into not more than three lots, where no street right-of-way dedication is involved and where the resultant lots are equal to or exceed the standards of this Ordinance; and
  5. The division of land by will or by order of a court of jurisdiction in the settlement of a decedent's estate (Note: Unless such lots meet the standards of this Ordinance, a building permit shall not be issued).