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Extra-Duty Employment (Deputy at Event/Party)

  1. Hoke County Sheriff's Office Extra Duty Employment Application
    Please fill out this form and submit it at least two weeks before your party/event. Contact the Road Commander to be sure he has received the form and to finalize this application at 910-875-5111.The following application must be completed by any individual, company, firm or organization (hereinafter referred to as "applicant") requesting Hoke County Sheriff's Office personnel for Law Enforcement related services as an extra-duty assignment. Extra-duty is defined as: "Employment which is within the employee's Hoke County job classification, performed for and paid by a separate employer where the actual or anticipated use of Law Enforcement authority or the duties for which the employee is certified as part of their Hoke County job classification is a condition of employment". The completed application will be submitted to the Sheriff, or designee, for approval prior to the event. the Hoke County Sheriff's Office will be the sole authority in granting the request. The applicant agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions (check each box in agreement with the corresponding paragraph):
  2. The Hoke County Sheriff's Office employee is regulated by all policies, procedures, rules and regulations of Hoke County and the Hoke County Sheriff's Office and remains under the direct control of the Sheriff or Designee.*
  3. The employee is subject to immediate recall to department duty at any time as necessitated by the public safety needs of Hoke County.*
  4. The extra-duty assignment is in a location within the jurisdiction of the Hoke County Sheriff's Office.*
  5. The employee is not permitted to engage in any illegal activity or function in any way or at any location which would: a) Constitute a threat to the status or dignity of law enforcement as a professional occupation; b) Bring discredit upon the employee or the Hoke County Sheriff's Office; c) Present a conflict of interest.*
  6. The applicant agrees to the provisions of the department regarding approval, review and revocation of the request and agrees to pay the employee directly in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local payroll rules.*
  7. The applicant assumes the liability, indemnification and workers' compensation for any injuries or damages incurred when the employee is not involved in activities related to their normal law enforcement duties.*
  8. The applicant agrees to correct any problems brought to their attention by the employee. Failure to do so will cause the employee to immediately cease any and all work and to notify the on-duty, department supervisor.*
  9. The applicant agrees to meet the employees fifteen (15) minutes prior to the time of the assignment to explain the duties of the assignment, and to pay the deputy for the assignment.*
  10. Applicant
  11. Will alcohol be consumed at this event?*
  12. Cost

    Please note: The cost for Extra-Duty Deputies is Forty Dollars ($40.00) per Deputy/per Hour with a two (2) hour minimum. Payment should be made by cash to each officer at the beginning of the event. If the event is cancelled or shortened without sufficient notice (48 hours) the event organizer is responsible for payment under this agreement and can be subject to civil penalties for failing to do so. In the event that the Deputy is not paid, civil proceedings may occur.

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