The Hoke County Finance Department performs the following duties:

  • Maintains, controls, and analyzes the fiscal operations of the County government.
  • Maintains adequate accounting records to document compliance with local, State, and Federal laws and ordinances.
  • Safeguards assets of the County through implementation or acquisition of adequate internal control mechanisms, investments, and insurance coverage.
  • Maintains the County's general ledger(s), including payroll and related records.
  • Coordinates all billing and collection of County revenue.
  • Maintains all purchasing records, financial statements, and other related records.
  • Coordinates the preparation of the Annual County Budget. Aids department heads in preparing budget estimates and in determining costs for new, expanded or reorganized programs. Implements approved budget; prepares budget adjustments as necessary, making appropriate ledger adjustments.
  • Invests County funds to ensure adequate return on investment while maintaining funds' safety.
  • Develops and monitors adherence to established procedures for the procurement of material, equipment, and services for the County.
  • Assists County departments with financial matters, and explains policies and procedures.
  • Maintains, controls and adheres to all debt activities of the County.