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 The primary purpose of Environmental Health is to protect the public's health through the application of principles of environmental science and epidemiology to identify, control, and/or eliminate pathogenic agents (Biological, Chemical, and Physical) and to limit the incidence and spread of disease in the community.

This is accomplished by the administration of preventive measures designed to monitor, identify, and abate potential and imminent health hazards through a cooperative application of federal, state and local environmental health laws, rules, and regulations.

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The Hoke County Health Department's Environmental Health Division regulates the following facilities:

  • On-Site Wastewater
  • Restaurants, Food Stands, and Drink Stands
  • Child Day Care
  • Meat Markets
  • Residential Care Facilities
  • Nursing Homes, Rest Homes, and Hospitals
  • Summer Camps
  • Lodging (Motels and Hotels)
  • Local Confinement
  • Educational Institutions
  • Migrant Housing
  • Public Pools
  • Lead Investigation
  • Drinking Water Wells

 The Hoke County Environmental Health Division:

  • Evaluates, designs, and inspects on-site sewage disposal systems for private property owners and commercial property.
  • Analyzes water supplies for commercial and private property.
  • Conducts communicable disease investigations and solid waste investigations.

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