Current Health Issues and Advisories

For information on Mosquito-Borne Eastern Equine Encephalitis , please read the

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services webpage

For information on the Ebola Virus, please visit the  

North Carolina Department of Health and  Human Services webpage
or call 1-844-836-8714

For information on the Measles Outbreak, please read the

CDC Health Advisory on Measles Outbreak (PDF)

For information on the Zika Virus, please read the

Zika Health Advisory

For information on Mosquito Control, please view:

Tip and Toss Mosquito Control Education Program
Help Control Mosquitoes Factsheet (PDF)
Help Control Mosquitoes Factsheet (Spanish) (PDF)

For information on the Amebic Investigation, please read the:

Health Officials Investigate Amebic Infection (PDF)
Naegleria Fowleri Facts and FAQs (PDF)

For information on the Flu Shot, please view:

Get your Flu Shot Today (PDF)