Public Comment Policy

The Hoke County Board of Elections establishes the following policy for public comment before the Board. All comments and suggestions addressed to the Board during the Public Comment Period shall be subject to the following guidelines:

1. The public comment period shall be held at the end of the regularly scheduled meeting each month and shall last no longer than 15 minutes.

2. All speakers must sign prior to the meeting being called to order. Once the meeting is called to order, the sign-in sheet will be given to the Chair to prevent any late participants from signing.

3. Speakers will be acknowledged by the Board in the order in which their names appear on the sign-up sheet. Speakers will begin their remarks by stating their name and address.

4. Each speaker will have a maximum of two (2) minutes to make remarks. In the event that there are more than 5 persons signed up to speak, time will be allotted to each speaker to ensure an equal amount of time. If there are several persons together who wish to speak about the same subject matter, please choose a spokesperson for the group.

5. Speakers will discuss issues relevant only to Hoke County Board of Elections.

6. Speakers will be courteous in their language and presentation. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

7. Speakers will not discuss matters deemed to be “closed session” type issues (Personnel matters, Litigation, Attorney-Client Privilege, Matters made Confidential by Law, and Matters which are the Subject of Public Hearings).

8. Public comment is not intended to require the Board to answer any questions. Any action on items brought up during the comment period will be at the discretion of the Board.

9. Written comments and/or supporting documents may be left with the Director of Elections prior to the schedule meeting.

10. Once a speaker has the opportunity to address the board he/she will not be eligible to address the board for a period of three (3) months.

11. This Public Comment Policy will be an experimental policy lasting for three (3) to four (4) months. If the board does not see any benefit, it can vote to no longer have such a policy in place. If the policy is beneficial, it will continue in force from year to year until modified or terminated by written mutual agreement of the parties, or upon ninety (90) days written notice by any of the board members.

Adopted: January 14, 2020 by all Board Members. (Signed Copy in the Office)