Tax Rates and Fees

Your most common interaction with Hoke County Administration will involve the payment of your property tax bills. In addition, to County or Municipal tax, your tax bill may include the following: 

Solid Waste Fee (SWF) - Charge per unit located on the property. A single-family home would consist of one unit.

Fire District Tax (FD) - This rate is charged in addition to the County tax rate. This rate is based on the fire district where the property is located. City properties will not receive this tax.

How to Calculate Taxes: Tax rates are calculated against each $100 in value.
Current Tax Rates (PDF)

Residential City Bill: A single-family home with a value of $180,000. The property is located in the City of Raeford, therefore no Fire District tax or SWF is applied.

Hoke County Rate = .73........$1,314.00
City of Raeford Rate = .48........$864.00

Total Tax Bill = $2,178.00

Residential County Bill:

A single family home with a value of $180,000 located in North Raeford Fire District.

Hoke County Rate = .73 ........$1,314.00
North Raeford Rate = .10..........$180.00
Solid Waste Fee = $130.00

Total Tax Bill = $1,624.00