Personal Care Services Level II

Personal Care Services Level II are intended to assist individuals and their families with attaining and maintaining independence, and improving quality of life.

The personal care services will provide two hours of personal care two-three days per week (funds permitting) for eligible clients. To qualify for the program all interested clients need to meet the guidelines listed below, fill out an intake form with Senior Services of Hoke County or the contracting agency, Interim Healthcare of the Carolina's.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Eligibility is not based on client's income.
  • Must be 60 or older.
  • A Hoke County resident living in your own home.
  • Must have unmet personal care needs for the following reasons:
    • Unable to carry out 1-2 ADLs
    • Person needs help with these tasks in order to remain in his/her own home.
    • No responsible person is available to perform these tasks or the primary caregiver needs relief.
  • The intake form will be faxed to the contracting agency, Interim Healthcare of the Carolinas, to be placed on their waiting list. When a vacancy becomes available you will be notified by the agency.
    Senior Services Intake Form

How Much Will It Cost?

There is No Cost to you. Senior Services of Hoke County provides this program for Hoke County through Home and Community Care Block Grant Funding.

Individuals are given the opportunity to contribute so our services can be expanded to those in need. Consumer Contributions are voluntary and No One is turned away because of their inability to pay.

The cost to provide this service is $17.38 for per hour. Keep in mind this is not what the Aides make nor what you have to pay. Your contribution is confidential and the amount you give is up to you.