Transit Policies

"No Show" Policy

A no show is incurred when a rider schedules for transportation and ultimately does not use it (without canceling beforehand).

The following are some examples of no shows:

  • rider does not come outside when vehicle arrives at given address
  • rider informs driver that he/she doesn’t want or need a ride after vehicle is already there
  • rider is not ready when driver arrives as scheduled

Passengers who receive a no show must immediately pay for that no show before receiving any further transportation. All Medicaid recipients who receive a no show notification should direct their calls to Brenda Rozier at (910) 878-4041. All other no show inquiries can be directed to Patricia Pittman at (910) 875-8696.

Rider Responsibilities

 It is the rider’s responsibility to:

  • call in his/her own cancellation (it’s not the driver’s responsibility to alert the office)
  • have exact fare - we do not give change
  • alert the office when rider is ready to go home or to the next appointment
  • inform the HATS office when he/she turns 60 years old (we do not offer refunds)
  • monitor closings on TV news channel (WRAL) during inclement weather
  • be aware of the holiday closings - we are closed on major holidays (and weekends)
  • notify the office of any changes of phone numbers or addresses

Important Information

  • Passengers may schedule a maximum of 3 trips per day.
  • If a rider changes pickup times the same day of the scheduled ride, we cannot guarantee that the driver can accommodate the time change.
  • If a rider changes pickup/drop-off locations, we cannot guarantee that the driver can accommodate the location change.
  • All "out of town" riders must wait until all "out of town" appointments are completed before the driver will pick up for the return trip to Hoke County.
  • We do not offer same day service.

Senior Services Transportation

HATS provides access to transportation within Hoke County to any Senior Citizen 60 years of age or older. This service is provided through limited funding received through the Hoke County Senior Services. Senior citizens may schedule their transportation by calling Senior Services at 910-875-8588 to check availability.

Child Restraint & Seatbelt Requirements

All passengers under the age of 16 must be properly secured in either a child restraint system or a properly fitted seat belt. All children under age 8 and weighing under 80 pounds are required to be properly secured in a weight appropriate child restraint system as required by the NC Child Passenger Safety Law. All passengers 16 and older are required to wear a seat belt as required by the NC Seatbelt Law.

Personal Conduct

The consumption of food or drink is prohibited while on a HATS vehicle. Passengers are asked to remove any litter which they generate while riding a HATS vehicle. The use of profane, foul, and abusive language or any form of disrespect to others will not be tolerated while riding a HATS vehicle. Riders who cannot respect this policy will be expelled from using HATS transportation. HATS drivers have the authority to deny transportation and contact law enforcement for any violation of this policy.

Service Animal Policy

HATS authorizes the presence of service animals accompanying riders that require the assistance of said animal. All other pets or animals of any kind are prohibited from riding on HATS vehicles.

Passenger "Carry-on Item" Policy

HATS strives to satisfy each public transportation request within our service area.  However, service may be denied to individuals who attempt to carry on “excessive baggage”.  Excessive baggage (defined in this policy as any amount above 3 bags) should be stored under the chair (or in the space on the floor) directly in front of the passenger without interfering with other passengers.  The passenger should be able to carry all items by his/herself unless they need assistance.  

 HATS makes every possible effort to satisfy all transportation requests within our service area.  However, we are required by legal and ethical standards to operate with both our clients’ and drivers’ safety in mind, and these standards will not be compromised.  Unfortunately, HATS may refuse service due to unsafe conditions.

Personal Property

Riders are permitted to carry personal items onto the vehicles (exclusive of weapons or products considered to be hazardous). In the case of commercial purchases, all bags, parcels or packages must be secured and not block any aisles or exits. If additional seats are needed to secure said items, the rider must pay for those seats as well.

Any personal property carried onto the vehicle is the responsibility of the passenger. HATS assumes no responsibility for any personal property damaged or left on the vehicle.

Equal & Fair Treatment

We are committed to ensuring that no resident of Hoke County is excluded from participating in or denied the benefits of the transit services we offer.

Hoke Area Transit Service does not discriminate on basis of race, sex, age, national origin, religion, or disability in its employment opportunities, programs, services or activities. For more information or to file a complaint you may contact us by mail, telephone (910-875-8696) or email Ms. Nancy Thornton :

  • Hoke Area Transit Service
    Attention: Transit Director
    316 S. Magnolia St.
    P.O. Box 977
    Raeford, NC 28376

Title VI Program Plan

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) Policy