Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a crime. It is the inflicting or attempting to inflict physical injury on an adult or minor by other than accidental means, placing an adult or minor in fear of physical harm, physical restraint, or malicious damage to the personal property of the abused party. Domestic Violence is characterized by a pattern of coercive behaviors used by a family member, partner, or ex-partner to establish and maintain power and control over another person. Domestic Violence knows no boundaries in regards to race, religion, sexual orientation, education, or socio-economic status. If you are being harassed, threatened, or physically abused by your partner or ex-partner, you have a right to be protected.

The Hoke County Sheriff's Office Domestic Division is committed to protecting victims of domestic violence. If you are involved in a violent relationship requiring assistance, please call 911 immediately and have an officer dispatched to your location. Hoke County Deputies are trained to protect you from immediate danger or harm.

Note: Even if arrested, a suspect may post bail and be released. Victims have a right to be informed of the suspect's release from custody. It is best to contact the Hoke County Jail and tell them that you want to be notified immediately upon release of the suspect.


Does the person you love

  • Keep track of your time?
  • Accuse you of being unfaithful?
  • Discourage your relationships with family and friends?
  • Prevent you from working or going to school?
  • Criticize or humiliate you?
  • Anger easily when driving?
  • Hit, slap, or punch you and your children?
  • Threaten you with a weapon or gun?
  • Force you to have sex against your will?

If you answered YES to these questions you may be at risk. Call someone and talk about it!

Have a Safety Plan

A safety plan is a set of actions that can help lower your risk of being hurt by your partner. It includes information specific to you and your life that will increase your safety at school, home, and other places you go on a daily basis.  Take some time to consider what you might need in the event you have to leave in a hurry.

Keep the following items hidden in a place where your partner cannot find them:

  • $50 or More in Cash
  • Small Bag with Extra Clean Clothes for You and Your Children
  • Important papers to include:
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Check Book
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Children's Social Security Numbers
  • Your Partner's Social Security Number
  • Insurance Policy
  • Marriage License
  • Your Birth Certificate
  • Your Children's Birth Certificates
  • Important Phone Numbers (family & friends)
  • Sentimental Phones
  • Special Medication for You or Children
  • Extra Keys for House and Car

Do NOT tell your partner where you are going!